No time to recruit. 83 %
Too many unqualified applicants. 11 %
Lack of qualified talent. 7 %

I'm sure the results of our poll don't surprise you.  The war for talent is ramping up and any business owner, hiring manager, or HR pro will tell they're receiving plenty of applicants.  But finding qualified candidates is getting tougher by the day and sifting through all of those resumes is really stretching resources to the limit.  The solution?

Hire a BirdDog

  • Our team follows a simple plan with the singular goal of turning you into a raving fan.

  • Provide a solution that meets your immediate needs. "I need a technician/engineer/carpenter…NOW!"

  • Provide the tools that will eliminate panic hires and proactively build your bench.

  • Provide ongoing training in our "Always On Recruiting" methodology so coveted passive job seekers are drawn to your firm.


Reach out today and let's have a straightforward chat about your situation and whether hiring a BirdDog is right for you.

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